Thursday, 8 May 2008

Bank Holiday in Norfolk

Over the last few months we have spent many of our weekends in Norfolk. Rich's parents live near there and it is only about one hour or so from where we live so very convenient for a quick getaway. I love it there especially the north Norfolk coast and I think it saved my sanity when Yogi and my mum were so ill.

So the last weekend with the prospect of lovely walks AND warm weather was an enticing thought. Unfortunately it seemed that was everyone else's idea too :o). Usually we don't see anyone on our walks, this time there was people EVERYWHERE! Quite a shock to the system. Still had a great time though.

We thought that we should take a friend for Larry so he doesn't get too used to being an only dog. So we borrowed Fudge off Mum for the weekend. It was lovely to have two dogs again. I still miss Yogi terribly but the pain is less raw now. I can think of him and smile and I never thought I would be able to do that again. I can also think of him and cry, but it's not that devastating out of control feeling that I used to have. I guess that's called acceptance.

On the Saturday we chose a walk of about 9 miles. Not too taxing since Norfolk is relatively flat but we knew it would take all day (with a stop at a local watering hole) Rich's mum and dad were also up for it. Not bad for a couple in their 70's!!!! The walk began at Burnham Overy and took in the stunning Holkham Hall and deer park then finished walking along the dunes back to Burnham. That was probably the toughest bit. Walking on sand is a bit like walking through treacle and the last couple of miles were quite hard on all of us even the dogs looked a bit pooped.

Walking through the deer park and around the hall was lovely. Beautiful grounds and incredible views. Then to get out there was a cattle grid. None of us could see a gate nearby to take the dogs through so the only way was to carry them over as I have seen dogs falling through and it could easily break one of their legs. That is my job (Rich has a dodgy back so best if he doesn't pick up heavy or awkward weights) so picked up Larry and began to teeter over. Larry weighs about 30 kilos so is not a light dog and although once up in the air I can manage I wouldn't say it's exactly easy. As I struggled across trying not to fall through the grid, an unbelievably selfish man in a car, obviously in a hurry couldn't wait and decided to cross the grid at the same time. I lost it a little and told him off a bit. Why is everyone in such a hurry all the time??? Anyway, then he waited until I put Larry down and went off. Went back for Fudge (another porky dog) and did the same again. By this time, I was red in the face and quite knackered. There was another man (not sure if he was a gate man) sitting in a chair by a shop. He had been watching it all. As I put Fudge down he piped up with "why didn't you use the gate over there?" Aaarrrggghhhh.....:o)))

Recovering my dignity we walked away and into a wood. Here there were two gorgeous horses in a field that I wanted to make friends with. Spent a lovely 10 minutes or so talking to them and stroking them. One was a skewbald mare and the other a lovely dark bay gelding. He looked very young and I wondered if he was her foal. They seemed friendly and enjoyed the fuss. I leaned forward as I wanted to see if they were shod (I am nosey like that) and all of a sudden, the mare sank her teeth into my back!!!! Boy was that painful. My fault entirely as I didn't really know her but......It gave everyone a good laugh though :o)

On Sunday we did another 8 miles around Holme and Hunstanton. I am SO impressed with Larry as he didn't seem stiff at all. He seems to be changing. He is calmer and doesn't seem so keen to have a go at anyone that comes near him. Maybe being an only dog suits him. I'm not sure. Which reminds me, I must do "part 2" of his story.

Holkham Hall

The deer park at Holkham

The horses. I should've known she was thinking evil thoughts when she was nibbling my bum!!!

The damage......


Lesley Rigby said...

You seem to be having a really good time which is so good. I know what you mean about "Treacle" sand - it's the same at Formby where we used to take Prince. You have to pull your feet out of it! Tiring on the leg muscles but you can see why they train race horses there.

Hope you aren't left with an imprint of a horses gnashers! The latest tattoo?

Fiona said...

Horses gnashers are still there...for now! Not the best look I have ever had though :o)Yes, we have had a good time lately. Mum is starting chemo soon though....I feel the black cloud descending again. Hope I can keep it at bay. I hope you are well and enjoying this beautiful weather x

HandH said...

Evil mare! There's a mare in a field near us that tries to pull your buttons off if you get close - I was warned by a girl who rides at the local stables not to go near unless I've got a zipped jacket on! Since then, I've seen people fighting for their buttons, and the horse always wins :-)

You always seem to be very lucky with the weather - hope your Mum does OK.

Lesley Rigby said...

I'm leaving for Cornwall today and so I just wanted to say I hope your Mum is keeping on top of things and everything is going well for you. PLEASE stay positive. I will be thinking of you. Lots of Love, Lesley.

Linda Seid Frembes said...

Horses (and other large animals with thinking brains) scare me. Your shoulder is just more proof that my fear is justified!

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Hi Fiona, I hope all's well with you. I thought I'd drop by just to say hello. I hope you're Mums doing well and Larry's keeping you on your toes! G, P & T xxx

Graham, Prince & Tilly said...

Note to self - observe correct usage of 'your' and 'you're' in blog comments.....!

Ari_1965 said...

Oooh, ouch! I hope it heals soon.

I had an odd experience at the dog park the other day. A Siberian Husky ran up. I wasn't paying much attention and I thought it was my next-door neighbor's dog Aili (A dog I have known since she was weeks old. I see and talk to her every day). A few moments later, the dog paused near me and I patted her and fluffed up her lovely tail. She turned and growled/snapped at my hand as if to say "Hands off the tail, fatgirl". Well, it wasn't Aili. I must remember to look more closely at purebreds at the park to make sure they ARE the dogs I'm familiar with.

DogBoy said...

Sounds like you had a nice time!
There's a cattle grid by the Tan Hill pub I sometimes work at, I carry the pub's dog across when walking her and normally get muddy in the process :]
Ouch on the horsie injury :(