Monday, 28 April 2008


Well, I have to say that the last week has been superb. Larry was a little star too! The house that we stayed in was a converted mill, very large and secluded. The only sounds were the birds and the cows. At night the sky was peppered with stars (no light pollution there).

Larry had a bit of trouble on the wooden floors so we spent the first couple of days positioning rugs like stepping stones to enable him to get from A to B. He got to grips with it eventually thankfully. But he LOVED the wetroom. Boy did he have some fun in there :o)
As for the weather, we couldn't have asked for better. Most days we were able to walk in t-shirts, eat outside and almost pretend it was summer. One day was drizzly but that's all. Perfect temperature for long walks i.e. not too hot for Larry. That dog has astounded me. I thought that as the week went on we would have to do shorter walks in case he stiffened up, but every day he was up for any walk we wanted. And they were tough walks. Steep gradients and some rough terrain to cover. Larry acted like a sprightly mountain goat! Acutally he put us to shame. My excuse is that I spend too much time sitting on my backside in front of a PC ;o)

The Mill was near Port Isaac, but we spent most of our time further south. We visited Lands End which is sadly now very commercialised. You even have to pay to have a photo taken by the Lands End sign! Sitting in the pub with a telephoto lens worked just as well and didn't cost a penny :o) Once off the beaten track though the coastline was stunning. Most of the walks we did followed the coastline and petered off into the countryside. My favourite walk I think was Prussia cove and Cudden point down in Mounts bay. I could almost see the smugglers dragging their contraband across the rocks into the coves. Quite amazing. We came across a little old lady driving her Toyota soft top down the lanes. She looked well into her 70's and seemed to be having a great time. Hopefully that'll be me in later years!!

We also went to the Seal Santuary down in Gweek. A wonderful day out to see some really worthwhile work AND dogs are welcome! Even a grump like Larry. He wore his muzzle and grumbled like anything at the noise the seals made. Think he enjoyed it really.

Something I have always wanted to do is ride a horse on the beach preferably at a gallop. And I did it...twice! What a feeling....absolutely thrilling!

And of course there was the lunches in beautiful old english pubs. The old cornish cyder was very nice too ;o)

The Mill House

Lizzie, one of the permenant residents at the Seal Sanctuary.

Waiting for feeding time for the seals!

Rocky, the sea-lion. Another permie

Overlooking Bude (I think)

Ray, a braindamaged seal with a thyroid disorder. Seemed a happy chappie despite his problems!

Hurry up with that fish!!!!

Bodicea, who tormented Larry in the underwater observatory by swimming right up to the glass and staring him out!

Taking a break at Lands End

Sitting up here I remember welling up with tears. Thinking and wishing Yogi was with me. Then I realised that had he been here, he would have been attempting to sky-dive off the top! That's when I knew that he WAS there and still making me laugh :o)

Spot the Collie :o)

Dougie the beach horse. Great fun and beautiful too!

.....And so to bed

I hope that he recovers by Friday as we are off to Norfolk!

Friday, 18 April 2008

Holiday time

Knotted hankie at the, where's the beach?

Larry has decided that he needs a holiday. So tomorrow we are packing the car up and going to Cornwall for a week. We have found a beautiful converted mill near Bodmin moor. It has an enclosed garden and is surrounded by an orchard with a spring fed millpool. It really does look the perfect place to relax. It will be very strange going without Yogi but I hope not too sad. This will be the first time in about 12 years that we have been away with just one dog. Not having Yogi will be VERY different. For a start, the journey will be peaceful. Yogi was never a good traveller. I remember one holiday when we went to Wales. Yogi barked for the full 5 hours travelling time :o) Stressful? Yep, you bet it was. Since then we tried a variety of ways to keep him quiet. Hushers, cages, blacking out the car windows and even on occasion, tranquilisers as a last resort! Incidentally, we used to travel with ear plugs :o) The funny thing was that once we had reached our destination, I was loathe to take mine out. I liked the sort of muted sound of everything ;o). Last year I came accross the perfect solution. It was a kennel, enclosed on 3 sides, completely solid and made to measure for the car. It didn't roll about, creak or move. It was cosy and comfortable for both dogs. Yogi couldn't see out and so was quiet (ish) once he settled down. I wish that I had discovered that years ago. It was the best £400 I ever spent.

So, it will be a peaceful journey down to Cornwall. Well, almost. Larry "sings" a bit sometimes, but not too loudly thankfully. But I know I will miss my boy so very much.

I am looking forward to lots of walking, some pub lunches, a few visits to attractions like the seal sanctuary and I understand there is a donkey sanctuary nearby, maybe some riding and most of all.........some peace. It's not too much to ask is it?

C'mon Larry, lets get packing !!! And get that stupid hat off ;o)

Friday, 11 April 2008

Goodbye sweet Cole

Cole lost her fight with lymphoma on Wednesday. My heart is breaking for Teresa, Kevin and Bridget. There is nothing I can say to help just now. Just know that my thoughts are with you all.

I am so very sorry to hear this news.

Sunday, 6 April 2008

Thank you Graham, Prince and Tilly too!

It is with a tinge (rather huge actually) of sadness that I read Graham's blog tonight. He has decided not to post so much any more. I completely understand his reasons and I hope that life gets better for him as he moves forward. He has been such an inspiration for me and loads of others as he wrote about Prince, Prince's illness and his new adventures with Tilly. Graham showed me that there was an outlet for the incredible waves of emotion and despair that go hand in hand while living through the hell of lymphoma. He also provided valuable information and support along the way.

Thank you Graham, Prince and Tilly! What a special family you all are. xxx